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Find your bookings

1. If you are not registered, please go to the right corner of the home page "My Bookings" - " Search Guest Bookings". You can find your order through the reserved mailbox when placing the order.

2. If you have already logged in at the time of booking, please go to the top right corner of the home page " My Bookings " and enter the order list to find your corresponding order.

3. If you don't receive confirmation email after booking, you are advised to check the spam folder, because sometimes emails from unrecognized sources are finally saved there. If you still can't find the e-mail, or have forgotten the reserved e-mail you made the order, you can go to the home page "Contact us", our customer service will help you find the order.

Check in

1. Airport boarding is generally required to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours in advance of check in, and it will close one hour before flight departure. ( Each airline has different boarding deadlines. Details can be confirmed by calling the relevant airlines. )

2. Online boarding will be open 24-48 hours before your departure time. You will need to enter airline confirmation codes (such as HF8Y6S) of the itinerary sheet to check in. After checking in online, you may be able to save and print the electronic boarding pass, or get it from the self-service machine at the airport.


1. "Luggage" refers to necessary or appropriate items and other personal belongings that passengers carry on for wearing, using, comfort or convenience, including check in and non-check in luggage.

2. The check-in baggage limit depends on airlines and the type of tickets booked. You can find it in your reservation by using the email you reserved before or logging in the account. Usually the sum of the length, width and height of each check-in baggage should not exceed 158 cm (62 inches).

3. Carry-on luggage and small pieces of luggage can be carried with you. Usually one passenger can carry one piece of hand luggage. The weight can not exceed 5 kilograms and the volume not exceed 20x40x55cm (the sum of three sides shall not exceed 115cm). Items exceeding the limits shall be checked in. The liquid, gel and spray items in each passenger's luggage should be loaded in containers smaller than 100 ml, and the total volume shall not exceed 1 liter. (Each airline has different rules. You can contact the relevant airlines for details. )

4. Baggage transport safety. Some goods should not to be transported as luggage such as dangerous goods (explosives, flammable and non-flammable non-toxic gases, toxic gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, spontaneously combustible substances and water-borne flammable substances, oxidants and organic peroxides, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, miscellaneous dangerous goods); Guns, ammunition, military or police equipment (including main parts); drugs or cosmetics required for travel, such as alcohol containing agents, hair tonic and perfume; dry ice placed in perishable items; alcoholic beverages. (For the transportation of some special items, you should contact the airline in advance, and get the consent before the transportation.)

Passengers' notice

1. Unsuitable passengers.

Infectious diseases patients, aggressive psychiatric patients, patients with severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, patients with severe respiratory diseases, patients with severe anemia, pregnant women in labor (pregnant women with single pregnancy over 36 weeks or multiple pregnancy over 32 weeks), infants born within 14 days and patients after surgery (after surgery within ten days) or other medically ill patients are unsuitable for taking flights.

2. Children and family trips

Infant Ticket: A infant more than 14 days and under 2 years of age can buy tickets with a household registration book, birth certificate or other valid original documents (such as passport, Hong Kong-Macao Pass, Taiwan Cycle Certificate, etc.). If you need to order a infant ticket, you can contact the operating airline to make a reservation or contact yeswego customer service to assist you.

Child ticket: Most airlines require children’s age between 2 and 12 years old. The airline's policy stipulates that one passenger who meets the minimum age required by the airline (usually 18 years or older) can carry up to two children, but the children must sit in their respective seats. For domestic flights, you may need to provide photo ID for children; and for international flights, you must provide valid passports for children of all ages.

Unaccompanied minors: It can be any passenger who have reached the age of 5 at the time of flying, and not accompanied by adults with 18 years old or older. Many Airlines welcome children to take their flights without adults accompanied. In order to ensure safe and smooth flights, unaccompanied children handling service is mandatory for passengers aged 5 to under-12. For passengers aged 12 to under-18, different airlines have different rules. Before booking the ticket, you should contact the airline or yeswego customer service to check if you need to request for the unaccompanied minors service .

3. special passengers

For special passengers, before booking, you need to contact the operating airline to confirm the provisions of special services (such as wheelchair service, baby cradle service, special meal service, taking pets on the plane, etc.) in order to avoid delaying your travel.

Payment method

You can pay online by credit cards. You shall pay the full amount when you book your ticket. No deposit or installment payment is accepted. Before making large payments through credit cards, please contact the relevant banks or credit card companies to ensure that the daily consumption limit is not exceeded. If the payment is not completed, the reasons for failure may be: not supporting the payment method or payment account provided by you; your card exceeds the limit; there are errors in the payment information entered; authorized consumption mode set by the card issuer to protect your security. You can take appropriate measures according to the situation above or contact our customer service for assistance.